About Us

This website “Ospreyinvites.com” is jointly operated by Osprey Media and Rapid Rollouts LLP. Osprey Media has been in the design industry for over a decade and is known for its simple, elegant and impressive work.

“Ospreyinvites.com” is an attempt to revolutionise the way you invite loved ones for special occasions. Our vision is to manage your invitation process end-to-end, without need of any hustle from your end. The only hustle you might want to get into is to choose from our every growing library of amazing designs.

But good things take time, so we have started with the first step of our larger vision. Starting now, you can choose a digital invite from our curated designs that are very elegantly categorised on our website according to the occasion for which you want to invite your loved ones.

We have kept our process very simple and quick. You just choose the design and add it to the cart. Some details like your names, dates, etc will be asked right before adding the design to the cart. Ones you have filled in the details and added the design in cart, you can pay using available online modes and voila! We have received your order. Your design will be delivered to you via email / WhatsApp with the custom names, dates, etc that you provided. And worry not, we rectify confusions/errors in your information even after delivery (Pinky Promise).

Believe us when we say this. After getting a digital invite from us, you would want to invite us for your special occasion.



Team "Ospreyinvites.com"