Digital Invites - The Game Changers Of This Era

Digital Invites - The Game Changers Of This Era

Are you bored of sending out traditional event invitations that lack creativity and emotion? Well, event invitations are the first touchpoint for your guests, and they definitely need to be compelling enough to build the hype and make your guests come to your event.  


With unprecedented growth and advancements in our everyday life, event invites have not failed to progress and upgrade to more innovative versions. In this digital era, where every service and product is at the comfort of your fingertips, digital invites have also made their way to the middle and established their popularity. So while it’s time to say goodbye to obsolete traditional greeting cards and event invitations, let’s embrace creative, affordable, aesthetic digital invitations that can last for a lifetime.  


In this blog, let’s dive into understanding these digital invitations and why choosing paperless invitations gives an edge.  


What are Digital Invites?  


Digital invites are online event invitations that include images, videos, and text and have creative designs, all based on the customizations required by the event planner. These are sent via online mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other messaging applications. Digital invitation agencies create online layouts of designs for various types of invitations like, 

      • Wedding ceremony invitations 
      • Engagement e-invitation 
      • Save the date invitations
      • Baby shower invitations digital cards  
      • Digital invitation cards for debut 
      • Birthday invitation online message cards, etc.  


    What makes digital invitations a game-changer?  


    • Easy to personalise
    Digital invitations give you the freedom to highly personalize your invitations with your choice of colors, themes, pictures, or videos. Indeed, more customization comes with more cost for physical invitation cards. But digital invites allow you to save those hefty costs and get the design and color palette you desire at no extra cost. In addition, there are endless possibilities of how much creativity you want in the e-design. You can create a personal touch by adding elements that resonate with you the most.  


    Furthermore, you can have ‘out of the box’ designs by adding more to your digital invite rather than just restricting it to the event's place, date, and venue. You can choose to add more details to your invitation, for example, where the guests can stay, directions to the party location, post-event plans, and anything more about the event.  


    • Light on the pockets  


    E-invites are definitely way cheaper than traditional invites. Period. Unlike conventional invitations, digital invites do not create a hole in your pocket with every additional customization or change. Moreover, sending physical invitation cards can cost you a lot as you will have to bear delivery and postal charges with every invitation that’s sent. Plus, not to forget the hefty printing charges that can be daunting even to know.  


    Digital invites offer you a package of your desired design, font, theme, color, and customization, all in one place at a reasonable cost. Therefore, it is more budget-friendly and flexible.  


    • Environmentally Sustainable 


    Imagine the amount of paper wastage produced behind every paper invite that's printed. Logically, after the event, most of the event invites are found in the bin. From the macro perspective, there is a huge amount of wastage created every day due to paper invites.  


    In addition, the paper-making process includes cutting down trees which again is not environmentally friendly. On the other hand, digital invites are safe for the environment as they do not cause any harm to it. Therefore, choosing digital invites over paper invites is a step toward saving mother earth.  


    • Instant Delivery  


    Irrespective of any event, speed is a crucial factor when it comes to making and sending out event invites. Digital invite’s one of the best features is that no matter how huge the event is, you can get your digital invite within a few hours. In addition, you can send it to your invitees at the comfort of your fingertips.  


    Furthermore, you can sit at your home and get the designs you want. So digital invites are available 24/7 and its instant delivery saves your time and lets you focus on the other important event preparations.  




    Digital invitations give you an extra edge in creating a memorable experience and make you look more classy and sophisticated. Besides, guests won’t really have enough time to actually open a paper invitation but they would definitely RSVP to a digital one as it is just a text away. Therefore, it becomes easier to keep a track of the RSVPs and makes it hassle-free.  


    So no matter if you want a digital save the date, a wedding ceremony or wedding reception invitation, a caricature invitation, or a 1st birthday invitation message. E-invites have got you covered for all occasions.  


    Osprey invites is a one-stop-shop solution for all your digital invitation needs. We offer unique designs and creatives that are artistically designed and tailored according to your customizations and needs. Our incredible team of designers can bring your visualization to reality and create personalized digital invitations for any event. So get in touch with us today to make your invitations more memorable, budget-friendly, and aesthetic.  


    Call us at 9819748282 and get the best digital invitations for your event.

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