8 things you can personalize in a Wedding.

8 things you can personalize in a Wedding.

As a bride to be haven’t you always dreamt about your wedding ceremony being fun and unforgetful?

Having a happy wedding day is easily possible and is a fun thing to plan with your partner. 

In this blog, we have visualized your perfect wedding ceremony so don’t need any wedding planner for that.

From choosing the best wedding destination to selecting amazing wedding decorations to wedding rituals everything is covered in this blog so you can focus on being the beautiful bride.


1. Venue & Destination

The most impactful step in personalizing your big day will be to select the best wedding destination place. You can marry in the city where you first met, in the palace of Jaipur, or on a beach in Goa. the options are never-ending.


2. Choosing an Impactful and creative Invitation card

Wedding Invitations used in wedding ceremonies can show off your personality, you can give them a modern or traditional twist. If you enjoy traveling or are a Bollywood fan, you can include that in your invitation. When you choose a digital invitation card, you have the most personalization options. Even if include caricatures on online invitation cards that help your invitation shine through.


3. Personalizing the ceremonies 

You can personalize wedding ceremonies according to your traditions, culture, and beliefs. if both of you are from different cultural backgrounds you can plan wedding rituals that honor both of your faiths. 


4. Using the best custom wedding stationery

If you are having a destination wedding in India or many of your guests are traveling from different states, customized wedding stationery is the perfect way to make your friends and family feel special. 

Don't forget wedding stationery is a direct reflection of your personality and style and also the best way to make your guest more excited about your wedding.


5. Choreograph your first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Choreographing your first dance as a married couple is one of the best ways to make your wedding day unforgettable.

You can spend this special moment on the dance floor as a married couple.  


6. Curate your own wedding playlist

Making a song list for your wedding with your significant other could be a lot of fun and romantic activity. you can add songs that are special for you both, amazing music can make anything more memorable.


7. Including your favorite food

 Any celebration is incomplete without food. Adding your favorite dishes is a great way to personalize your wedding. If you belong to different cultures you can have a wedding menu that reflects both.


8. Color Coordinating dress for family members

Having a color-coordinated dress code can be an amazing activity for the bride and groom family members. Also, this can add a unique touch to your wedding. 



How you choose to have your wedding ceremony completely depends on you.

Personalizing the ceremony makes it unique and worth remembering not only for you and your partner but for everyone involved in it.

Always remember the ceremonies are the heart of your union and not something that you have to do just for wedding traditions.

We wish the best for your future together and also help you make your invitation special, and something that represents you.

We would love to create your story, we can customize the invitations for you, we are happy to hear from you and create something special and unique for your big day.

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